L.A.D.P.S.S. Supply Requisition Services

This is a part of the L.A. County, Department of Public Social Services supply requisition service. This system handles inventory management for vendors and purchasers. If you are not a county employee or administrator please redirect to the public dpss portal.

Video Quickstart

A video quick start is avaliable here.

Intended Users

Intended users of the system include any district office supply clerk, supervising clerk, and select purchasing clerks in the Materials Management division.

System Features

  • Electronic ordering of PA-16 supply orders.
  • Electronic database of all district office locations.
  • Electronic database of all PA-16 catalog products.
  • Electronic database inventory counts.

Get Started

This documentation will teach you how to use the system. This includes steps for initial setup and a section for each application module. Please read through each section, and feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

About Simple Systems

Simple Systems was established in 2006 by order of Linda McCaskell and Robert O’Sullivan as part of a mandate to migrate paper and manual order entry into an electronic service. Services were developed and written by Nicholas Ventimiglia.

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