PA-16 Ordering

PA-16 ordering may be accessed from the main menu near the top right of the website.

Searching for orders

You may search for historical orders by status by date range or status. By default all active orders are visible. To open an order, click the Open button on the right of the order row.

New Orders

To add a new order click the New PA-16 link on the page sub menu near the top right.

Please input a Delivery location in the Delivery location field, this field should auto populate from locations you are linked to with your primary location being selected by default. For more information see Locations. Once complete press New PA-16.

You may also choose to create a new PA-16 as a copy of another PA-16. To choose this option input the historical PA-16 number and press Copy PA-16. The original order will remain unchanged.

Add Items

On the items table, press Add to open the add item page. You may search for a product here. Once you find the desired product press the Add button next to the product. Once you have found all required items, press Back to order on the page submenu to return to the order.

Modify Items

You may adjust the quantity of items added by editing the Qty column on the row of added items. You may remove unwanted items by pressing the button on the added item.

Order Status

At the order submenu there may be a green and red button related to the order status. For instance for new orders you will see a green Request Approval button and a red Cancel Order button. These buttons will update the status of the order.

Here is a table detailing order status and lifecycle.

Order Status Promotion (Green) Demotion (Red) Description
DRAFT Request Approval Cancel Order Order is currently being worked on by the supply clerk.
SUBMITTED Approve Order Cancel Order Order is submitted by the supply clerk and pending review by the district supervisor.
APPROVED Archive Order Reject Order Order is approved by the district supervisor and is pending review by materials management.
COMPLETED Unarchive Order N/A Order is fully approved, and delivery has been scheduled.
CANCELED Revive Order N/A Order has been canceled.

At each step of the way, emails are sent to stakeholders.