Delivery Locations

Each user has a number of delivery locations which they may link to. Linking to the delivery location gives Order entry clerks the ability to write orders delivered to this address and Order supervisors the ability to approve orders for this address.

For more details on adding, removing, or setting primary location see My Account.

Create a new or Edit an existing location

Users with the Locations Admin role are able to edit and create new delivery locations. To create a new location click the Create link on the Locations page sub menu. To edit an existing location search for it, and click the Details button.

Edit Location

Edit location is powered by Google Maps. To use Google Maps to download a delivery location into the form, start typing the location into the search input. When you see your location auto-complete, press return and the location details will be downloaded.

Active Locations

If the location is no longer active, uncheck the Is Active Location checkbox.

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